Lexmark Ink Cartridges

You know that you need to purchase a new Lexmark ink cartridge, but did you know that Lexmark was originally a part of IBM? Lexmark as we know it today came into existence after IBM exited the printer business and divested that portion of their company in 1991. In the years since the split, a few of their products helped break new ground for the printer industry. Notably, Lexmark was among the first to release a wifi inkjet printer and the very first to release a printer with a web-enabled touch-screen.

While IBM didn't want them, business owners and home computer users around the world certainly do, as their low-cost, high-quality products have garnered many believers. SuperMediaStore.com likes having them around too, as we carry Lexmark ink cartridges for all of their popular printers. Ink cartridges for the Jetprinter series, Optra Color series, P series, X Series, Z series, and many others are available at our website.

Lexmark ink cartridges are also available in compatible and remanufactured varieties for those looking to save money without skimping on quality. All of our Lexmark ink cartridges, whether original, compatible, or remanufactured, are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee !

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