Lexmark Toner

Before you buy a new Lexmark toner cartridge, listen to these various factoids regarding the company’s environmentally conscious efforts.  According to Lexmark, leftover ink recovered from recycled cartridges has contaminants which preclude it from being reused in new ink cartridges.  Instead of simply disposing of the old ink, the company decided to use it to produce brand new fountain pens.  Second, the company lists various spots in Latin America in which they have initiated a program of planting a tree for every Lexmark toner cartridge recycled; spots in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina are the current active locations involved in these efforts.  Last, Lexmark employees in Budapest, Hungary participated in a nation-wide bike to work program.  The company hopes to promote the use of transportation methods with zero carbon emissions.

So, if you happen to own a Lexmark printer, feel proud that you’re supporting a corporation that takes its recycling duties quite seriously.  And if you do own a Lexmark Printer, you’re most likely visiting SuperMediaStore because you’re in the market for new Lexmark toner.  Look no further, because we carry a wide assortment of Lexmark toner designed for Lexmark’s C Series, E Series, T Series, W Series, X series, Optra Series, and OptraImage Series printers. 

Just as Lexmark is doing its part to protect the planet, SuperMediaStore is doing its part to protect the customer by backing all of our Lexmark toner with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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