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About REV Disks

Iomega’s REV disk line of removable disks was launched in 2004 to provide a portable method of attaining the massive storage quantities available with hard drives.  Not one for modesty, the “REV” name is short for “Revolutionary.”  While the technology never quite reached the ubiquity of a floppy drive, they have achieved a considerable amount of market penetration with its high storage capacity and convenient portability.  Supporting the Universal Disk Format, REV disks are bootable on systems which support booting from optical or removable media.    

SuperMediaStore carries the REV disk autoloader with 10 slots, each one supporting a single 35 gigabyte REV disk for a total storage solution of 350 gigabytes.  In addition, SuperMediaStore sells second generation REV disks with 70 gigabytes of storage.  
Please note that 70 gigabyte REV disks are not compatible with 35 gigabyte REV drives.  
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See All REV Disks