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If you're a fan of IBM and a user of IBM toner, you may have heard about an appearance made by one of their latest creations on Jeopardy, the popular trivia game show. Nicknamed “Watson”, it may be described as a big, rectangular tablet with an LCD screen for a face that uses an incredibly vast database of information and complex algorithms to answer a wide variety of questions. Watson's stint on the game show involved competing against the two most successful contestants in the show's history. In the end, Watson easily outperformed both men. The machine's impressive performance represented the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence and its ability to interact on a human scale while prompting tongue-in-cheek commentary on the end of humanity and our new “robot masters”. While judgment day hasn't arrived yet, you may feel like humanity is already under the heel of a different oppressor - the out-of-ink light on your computer printer.

IBM's 100 years as a company has produced a long list of revolutionary inventions. For instance, the company is credited for introducing the Automated Teller Machine, floppy disk, hard disk drive, magnetic stripe card, and the UPC barcode. But, they didn't invent the out-of-ink light, so cut them a little slack. Nonetheless, IBM printers are no different than any other printer, meaning you're obligated to feed it a new IBM toner cartridge to keep it up and running.

Fortunately, SuperMediaStore stocks a huge variety of IBM toner cartridges to fit many of the company's most popular printers. Among these are IBM's Infoprint series toner cartridges, Laser series toner cartridges, and Network Printer series toner cartridges. Many of our IBM toner cartridges are available in original, remanufactured, or compatible varieties.

Shop with peace of mind because humans still rule this world . . . which is why the living, breathing people at SuperMediaStore dictate that all IBM toner will be backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee !

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