Gestetner Toner Cartridges

Ironically, some of the world's most brilliant inventions have resulted from a desire to do less work. Perhaps laziness is what inspired David Gestetner, the Hungarian-born inventor of what would become the world's first rapid and cost efficient document reproduction device. As a young man working at the Vienna Stock Exchange, one of Gestetner's primary duties was to record the results of trading at the end of each day. Unfortunately for Gestetner, the only way to accomplish this was by hand. Affected by the mundane and repetitive nature of his work, he strived to develop a quicker method to reproduce text. The result was the stencil duplicator and it became a best seller after he began marketing the device under his newly formed Gestetner Company.

As document reproduction became a mechanical process as opposed to one conducted by hand, users of the new device were able to save unprecedented amounts of time and money. Further time was saved when one considers the fact that before mechanical reproduction, businesses were forced to check each handwritten copy for human error; documents reproduced mechanically required the checking of only one copy. Today, the legacy of Gestetner's invention is held in high regard, as many view it as a precursor to the internet in its ability to allow cheap and rapid dissemination of information.

When it comes to buying new Gestetner toner cartridges, you too are able to indulge your lazy side by having the convenience of ordering over the internet and having it shipped straight to your door (no hand written order forms needed). We carry Gestetner toner for select varieties of Gestetner printers, all of which is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee !

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