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Before buying new Epson toner was ever a concern for owners of an Epson laser printer, dot matrix printers were the standard for newly born home computer market of the 1980s. In fact, the market for these early printers was essentially created by the Epson Corporation with the release of the MX-80. This wildly successful printer quickly became a best seller and the Epson logo became common site on printers found in homes and businesses across the world. In addition to grabbing the lion's share early on, Epson further staked their claim on the industry by creating the Epson Standard Code for Printers, or ESC/P, a standardized communication method used by software to send commands to the printer. Many printer manufacturers and software companies adopted ESC/P, cementing Epson's role as a leader in the printer industry.

As dot matrix printers reached its technological limits, Epson would continue to innovate and lead the industry with the advent of Micro Piezo inkjet technology in 1990. This new technology allowed printers to produce text much more precisely and at cooler temperatures. The first printer to include it was the Epson Stylus 800, marking the beginning of nearly two decades worth of products to integrate the improved print method. Epson would go on to capitalize on Micro Piezo technology's enhanced capability to produce high quality images by releasing the world's first printer with a 720 DPI resolution, the Stylus Color P860A, ensuring Epson's continued role as a major player in the printer market throughout the 1990s.

Fast forward to today and we see that Epson manufactures a wide selection of inkjet, laser, and impact printers. SuperMediaStore carries a range of Epson toner cartridges for the company's ActionLaser series, AcuLaser series, and EPL series. All of our Epson toner is of exceptional quality and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

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