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When Michael Dell was a student at Memorial High School in Houston , Texas , he got a job selling subscriptions for a local newspaper. His remarkable business sense came into play when he figured out newlyweds and new home buyers were his most likely customers. As a result of focusing his efforts on these groups, his income skyrocketed and exceeded the paycheck of some of his teachers. Perhaps this ability to recognize and exploit the needs of specific demographics should come as no surprise. This was the very idea that he founded his company on, as one of his founding principles was to sell computers directly to consumers. His rationale positioned his business to offer more cost efficient solutions and better recognition of their exact needs when compared to his competitors. His wildly successful venture reached the point in which he became the youngest CEO to have his company listed among Fortune Magazine's top 500 corporations. Since then, Dell has expanded beyond the scope of the personal computer, as the company has become a well known manufacturer of printers, monitors, televisions, handhelds, and digital audio players.

If you happen to own a Dell printer, you're not only supporting Dell Incorporated, but also the entrepreneurial spirit that Michael Dell and many others demonstrate that drives today's business world. But at the same time, you're also dealing with that little indicator on the front that's telling you that you're out of Dell ink. has the genuine Dell ink you need to keep that printer well stocked.

And speaking of well stocked, SuperMediaStore carries compatible Dell ink cartridges, in addition to remanufactured Dell ink cartridges, and Dell ink cartridge combos – all of which are great ways to save cash without sacrificing quality.

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