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Ever seen a turtle without a shell?  Neither have we.  It’s probably a grotesque, shriveled up looking thing, quite clearly illustrating the balancing act of Mother Nature.  While the bulky shell undoubtedly prevents the turtle from more swift movement, it also acts as a sturdy shield, allowing the otherwise diminutive turtle to survive in a variety of harsh environments.  In times when the turtle is threatened by a predator or forced to endure extreme weather, the turtle can simply retreat to its cavernous carapace until the danger passes.
The fine folks at Perma-A-Store have taken a cue from Mother Nature with Turtle Cases, a line of protective containers for removable backup storage.  These protective boxes are designed to securely transport and guard your valuable data stored on your ever-increasing collection of magnetic tape cassettes.  Each case is specially designed to carry an individual tape format.  SuperMediaStore carries Turtle Cases designed for DLT tapes, 8mm tapes, 4mm tapes, LTO tapes, and 3592 tapes.
In all likelihood, your data tapes will never be subjected to the harsh desert winds of the Sahara or the swampy wetlands of the southeast, nor will they ever be threatened by a hungry raccoon or vulture in the middle of the wilderness.  But they will undoubtedly need protection from the mundane elements of the civilized world like dust and physical impact.  Give Mother Nature’s work a ringing endorsement with a Turtle Case from SuperMediaStore!