Custom USB Flash Drives

Custom USB Flash Drives - The Perfect Gift To Brand Your Company!

Customized USB Flash Drives


Looking for an exciting new way to promote your business?  You could go the boring route of giving out pens with your company name printed on the side or pads of paper with your business logo at the top.  Of course, every other company on the planet is doing the same, so most of it will probably end up buried in a junk drawer. 

If you’re looking to be unique, consider a custom USB flash drive with your logo proudly emblazoned on the side.  These days, people carry USB flash drives on their keychain, pocket, or wallet and ready to be pulled out for use at a moment’s notice.  This kind of presence and visibility is a great opportunity to promote your company.  Consider the novelty and increased attention that a custom USB flash drive would receive when given out at a tradeshow, company event, or as a free gift to customers.

If you’re looking to distribute custom USB flash drives with data, check out SuperMediaStore’s flash drive duplicators.  These machines will automatically copy data to multiple USB flash drives at once.

To get started with promoting your business with a set of custom USB flash drives, give us a call at (626) 363-1490.

Please note: a minimum of 100 custom USB flash drives is required with every order.

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