CD / DVD Mailers

About CD / DVD Mailers

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to use CD DVD mailers and envelopes because all of our shipping would be conducted through teleportation.  You just take your disc and toss it into some machine that zaps it and sends it off to some identical machine miles away where it's rematerialized.  If that’s scientifically impossible, a network of pneumatic tubes would do just fine.   Simply drop the disc into the tube and watch it shoot away to its new home.  Unfortunately, we’re still living in the dark ages and rely on shipping companies to hand carry our items. How archaic.

SuperMediaStore feels your pain, which is why we carry an assortment of CD DVD mailers to help you get your media to its destination.  They are lightweight and efficient solution for shipping your CD DVD media from point A to point B in perfect condition.  CD DVD mailers come with a peel-off adhesive seal for tight security and a tear-off tab for easy opening.  Some are made with clay coated newsback, while others are bubble mailers. You’ll have no problem finding a well-suited option with our variety of size and quantity choices. 

For added security during shipment, check out our selection of CD DVD cases.