Blu-Ray Duplicators

About Blu-Ray Duplicators

Being the current optical medium of choice, a crown previously held by DVDs and CDs, Blu-ray media is the latest and greatest when it comes to storage by disc. Duplicators can write to many discs at once making mass copying an automatic and headache-free process.

A few things to keep in mind while shopping for blu-ray duplicators on our site: some of our blu-ray duplicators can operate as a standalone machine, while others require a connection to a separate computer, and some duplicators have a disc “publishing” feature, allowing them to print labels onto the disc during the duplication process. The best part is that the majority of our Blu-ray duplicators offer an all-in-one solution with the capability of duplicating DVDs and CDs. Covering the gamut of formats including BD-R , BD-RE , DVD-R , DVD+R , DVD-RW , DVD+RW and even CD-R , there won't be any need to keep your outdated disc duplicator around while it occupies and clutters your space.

These top of the line duplicators offer the latest technology when it comes to optical disc duplication, so all of our blu-ray duplicators are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind while shopping!