Automated Duplicators

About Automated Duplicators

Hands are standard issue equipment.  They allow us to grip and hold things, giving humans a decided edge over the rest of the animal kingdom.  With this in mind, it’s peculiar that the latest tech gizmos are doing their best to render our hands unnecessary.  Take automated duplicators for instance.  Various models can hold a stack of 25, 100, 500, or even 1,000 discs and they're all equipped with a robotic arm that loads these blank discs in preparation for the burning process.  It’s a completely automated process not requiring any manual labor. 

SuperMediaStore understands that our hands are an inch closer to obsolescence with these machines, but there’s no denying the comfort and convenience which they offer.  No doubt, having to load a stack of CDs in the middle of a large burning job is annoying and inefficient.  For everyone that agrees, we carry automated duplicators with single or multiple disk drives from leading manufacturers Acronova, Epson, Microboards, Primera, and Vinpower Digital. 

If anything, take comfort in the fact that it still takes both hands to remove it from the box and plug it into the wall.