Epson PictureMate Pal-PM200 Ink Cartridges

Epson LogoPick-up a new Epson Picturemate ink cartridge for your Epson Picturemate Pal-PM200 today.

Epson bills their Picturemate line as a "Personal Photo Lab," as these lightweight photo printers have been designed to provide photographers with a quick and portable way to produce high-quality prints. To demonstrate, Epson asked famed photographer, Doug Henderson, to take the Epson Picturemate Show PM 300 with him on his trip to Africa. While visiting a remote village in Ghana, Henderson took photos of the locals and instantaneously produced high-quality prints using the printer, charming the villagers who had never been exposed to photography. The Epson Picturemate Pal-PM200 - along with the other printers in the Picturemate line - have been designed to provide the convenient portability and high resistance to extreme outdoor conditions which Doug Henderson discovered first hand.

SuperMediaStore carries genuine Epson ink for a variety of Epson Picturemate printers and available for shipment straight to your door. Your Epson Picturemate Pal-PM200 may never find itself in the middle of an African village, but it will find itself out of ink sooner or later. See our selection of Epson Picturemate ink cartridges designed for the Epson Picturemate Pal-PM200 below.

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