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Canon NP6112 Toner Cartridges

Canon Logo A brief history lesson on Canon NP toner cartridges and the Canon NP 6112 :

The roots of your Canon NP 6112 date back to the very start of the photocopier industry. The first Canon NP machine was introduced in 1968, representing the company's first foray in the industry and the Canon NP-1100 was introduced a year later, being the first plain paper copier in Japan. In 1972, Canon released the first plain paper copier to utilize liquid-dry technology, the NP-70, leading to the introduction of double-sided copying and the creation of smaller machines.

When considering the overall history of the photocopier industry, the Canon NP 6112 is a contemporary offspring of a vitally important series of printers. The NP line represented Japan's entry into the plain paper copier market and the beginning of what would end up being a wildly successful ride to the top of the industry.

SuperMediaStore carries genuine Canon NP toner cartridges for a variety of devices from the Canon NP series. All of our toner cartridges for the Canon NP 6112 are shown below.

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