LTO 5 / LTO Ultrium-5 Tapes

For companies needing reliable, secure regular backup, LTO 5 is an Ultrium tape that improves on the incredible speed and performance of previous LTO releases. LTO Ultrium tape has become the data backup media of choice among IT professionals. With archival longevity of fifteen to thirty years, LTO 5 will give you years of access to past data from your servers and workstations.

Linear Tape Open is a half-inch Ultrium backup tape with 256-bit encryption. Debuting in 2010, LTO 5 was an improvement over previous versions, doubling storage to 1.5 TB, which equals 1500 GB. The previous edition only had 800 GB. Additionally, the LTO 5 tape provided a slight increase in speed, going from 120 MB per second to 140 MB per second. With Ultrium tapes, the faster the speed, the more quickly data can be saved during your daily backups, which allows them to finish in plenty of time to avoid interfering with the next business day.

One of the newest functions of LTO 5 Ultrium tapes, however, is the new ability to split the tape into two separate write areas. This is thanks to the addition of a partition. Partitions are normally found on hard drives and servers, allowing separate space to be set aside as if it were a completely separate disk. With the LTO 5, this partition can set aside space for data to be stored in two separate areas. This allows the Ultrium tape to be accessed more quickly, which can speed up your ability to access your data and more easily manage it.

The LTO 5 is also WORM capable, allowing these Ultrium tapes to be set up with “write once, read many“ capabilities. This, in conjunction with the 256-bit encryption, helps keep your data protected and secure. The LTO 5 is also a “greener“ Ultrium tape, using less server power on average to write data than previous generations.

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