LTO 4 / LTO Ultrium-4 Tapes

For companies in the market for Ultrium tapes, LTO 4 provides the speed and storage capacity you've been seeking. Short for Linear Tape Open, the fourth edition of this data backup and storage media debuted in 2007, providing 800 GB storage space, which doubled the previous version's storage space. It also provided more speed, creating backups at a rate of 120 MB per second. With that speed and storage space, you can rest easily at night, knowing your data is being securely backed up.

The “open“ format of the LTO Ultrium tape means it is compatible with a wide variety of products, which makes sense, since LTO Ultrium tapes were developed by IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Seagate. LTO was introduced in 2000 and has gone through several incarnations over the years, increasing with speed and storage with each generation.

The LTO 4 Ultrium uses half-inch magnetic tape and is among a group of backup tapes that have been nicknamed “super tapes.“ The best-selling of the “super tapes,“ dominating a market that has been around for more than half a century. The LTO 4 uses 2:1 data compression, storing twice the data on the same space. This is a valuable asset in a data storage tape, and many Ultrium tapes provide it.

The LTO 4 also introduced encryption. For Ultrium tapes, encryption is a must to ensure your data is safe. If your LTO Ultrium tapes somehow end up in the wrong hands, this encryption will prevent that data being retrieved. The option allows you to encrypt data before writing it to your LTO 4 Ultrium tape. The LTO 4 uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt the information contained on it.

For IT professionals, the LTO 4 improves on the speed and storage space of previous Ultrium tapes, while adding several other important features, like encryption. If you're looking for an Ultrium tape to meet your data storage needs, check out the line of LTO 4 Ultrium tapes available today.

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