What You Need to Get Started with LightScribe
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Learn all about the three things you need to burn LightScribe labels: LightScribe hardware, LightScribe software, and LightScribe media.

Hardware refers to LightScribe-enabled drives. You must have a drive (either included in your PC or notebook or purchased separately as an internal or external drive) with LightScribe technology.

To confirm that you have a LightScribe-enabled drive, look for the LightScribe logo on the outside of your drive or your computer.

Label-making software comes with most hardware products. There are many different types of LightScribe-enabled software. The type you get will depend on your hardware.

Labeling software may also be purchased separately or SureThing Express can be downloaded for free.

Once you've installed your software, you can create unique designs with your own photos, artwork, and text. Your software also includes backgrounds that have been created especially for LightScribe. Use the backgrounds as they are, or embellish them any way you like.

In addition to label-making software, you'll also need the LightScribe System Software. Each hardware manufacturer will provide the optimal version for their systems, but you can also download a universal version. In some cases, the LightScribe System Software is included in the labeling application. Otherwise, it needs to be installed separately.

LightScribe CDs and DVDs have a special coating that interacts with the laser from your LightScribe-enabled drive. You must use LightScribe media (CDs and DVDs) in order to burn a label onto your discs.

A few things to remember about LightScribe media:

  • LightScribe discs are gold, and the designs appear in grayscale, similar to a black-and-white photograph (even if you create your design in full color). New color background discs will be available in 2006.
  • Any LightScribe media works in any LightScribe drive.
  • Currently, media is available in CD-R, DVD+R and DVD-R.
  • Software and media carry the LightScribe logo on the packaging.

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This article is provided to inform and inspire, and is not intended to replace professional guidance and services. Your system and software may be different from what is described and LightScribe is not responsible for troubleshooting or system failures.