How Does LightScribe Work?
Updated 3/3/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff



The laser inside a CD/DVD disc drive with LightScribe technology focuses light energy onto a thin dye coating on the label side of the disc. Only LightScribe media has this special coating.

The light from the laser causes a chemical change in the dye coating that shows up on the disc. With laser precision, the drive renders the text and images that you created for the label

There are three different layout modes for burning labels:

  • Full mode. Although it takes longer, this is the mode to use for a full-disc image.
  • Content mode. Perfect for creating artful borders around the center of the disc.
  • Title mode. Great for a small amount of text or graphics. This is the quickest mode.

LightScribe labels burn in concentric circles, moving outward from the center of the disc. Images with the largest diameters will take longest to burn.

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