Preserving Precious Family Memories
Updated 3/7/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

All In The Family


The family reunion is quickly approaching, but the thought of bringing deviled eggs again makes you queasy. Here's a more creative contribution: a digital family keepsake that everyone will love. Follow these tips to create a disc sure to delight everyone in the family.

When making a disc of photo memories, keep in mind the end user. You may be a computer whiz, but consider the plight of that family member who views their home computer with a mixed sense of awe and dread.

To that end, be sure to give your photos easy-to-understand file names such as "aunt_edna_1996.jpg" or "bill_fishing_feb99.jpg." And instead of dumping all the photos into one big folder, create a directory with sub-folders categorized by year or subject.

Burning CDs and DVDs have proven to be a great way of archiving photos for the next generation. The secret? Scan those old photos as soon as you can, then burn them to disc. And by giving away multiple copies, you're actually ensuring they'll survive; if something were to happen to your personal CD archive, other copies of your precious photos would still exist.

When you scan your pictures, you can use your scanning software or quality image-editing software to retouch frayed edges, tears, folds, discolorations, and red-eye. You can then burn high-resolution images onto the disc.

Be sure to ask your relatives about the stories behind each picture. What might look like an unexciting picture of grandpa grimacing at the camera might instead be his reaction to a hilarious prank played by your grandma! (Everyone else was laughing !) Include these great stories as captions in a word-processing document so you create context and history for generations to come.

Some families' favorite memories involve food and sharing tales around the dinner table. Share the recipes that evoke treasured memories of holidays and cherished family traditions. It's a snap to burn multiple copies of a CD collection of recipes to give to each branch of the family tree. Add a photo of the finished dish--and the family it came from--to each recipe to give everyone a "taste" of family, wherever they may be.

Nothing transports you back in time like a home movie. Collect VHS and Super-8 footage that's tucked away in your relatives' garages and transfer them to digital media. With Super-8 film, you can either have it professionally transferred, or simply project the film and record it with your digital video camera.?

Any songs permanently associated with a classic family memory? Put it on your disc for a sentimental soundtrack!

To label each copy of your digital keepsake, forget the permanent marker. Now, adding a silkscreen-quality label is as simple as burning a CD or DVD. LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology enables you to burn labels right onto your discs with laser-etched precision. Fabulous memories captured on disc with a beautiful, customized label guarantees a gift that will keep on giving. While you're at it, send this article to a friend or family member to jar those memories loose. Let the reminiscing begin!

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