DVD Duplication Controller FAQ

Updated 3/25/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

A DVD Duplicator is a complete stand alone duplicator that consists of 3 major components – the controller, source drive, and multiple target drives. The controller or sometimes known as controller card is the heart and the brain that controls the data flow between the source and the target drives. It is user-friendly with only a few buttons and a remarkably easy-to-use menu system that is ready for operations within minutes. It usually consists of 4 buttons and a LCD display. There is no need for commercial copying software, since all the rudimentary functions like selecting source and targets, copy speed, testing, etc., are programmed into the firmware. The writing speed is adjusted and optimized to avoid write failures.


Controllers allow OEMs and VARs to build their own CD/ DVD duplication towers or Autoloader systems. The controllers are conveniently available as plug-and-play for tower systems, general purpose controllers, autoloader, and robotic systems. You will be able to make your own stand-alone CD / DVD duplicators with only the touch of a few buttons.


Two separate duplicators using the same type of drives can be expected to have different performance if the quality of the controller and the internal temperature is different. The controllers serve as the brain that controls all signals and commands going to the drives. In additional to large memory capacity, quality controller needs to have the appropriate operation system programmed internally. The controller that Supermediastore.com chooses ensures a more stable duplication with dramatically enhanced compatibility for the drives used. The steel cases for these duplicator controllers are designed to reduce heat which prevents the drives from interruption from a “burnt out”. 


There are only a few choices for duplication controller cards, but the price can vary from $30 to $100+. The power supply itself can differ from $30 to $80. This specially designed 400Watt power supply provides the most reliable and stable voltage for the duplicator ensuring the unit will not die prematurely. However, it is also important to note that supply wattage depends on the size of the duplicator and the number of target drives.


Similar to buying a new a computer, home appliance, or even a car, pricing depends on performance, reliability, brand name, and manufacturer support. When selecting a duplicator controller, focus your attention beyond price. Other details such as compatible writers, buffer memory size, firmware update, and the CD/DVD burn speed setting should be taken into consideration. The following table lists key features of other popular brands in relation to the controllers on SuperMediaStore:


Key Feature SuperMediaStore Controller A Controller B Controller C
Number of Targets 3 3 10 11
Maximum DVD Speed 18X 18X 18X 18X
Buffer Memory Size* 64MB 64mb 64mb 128mb
Controller Firmware Upgrade YES YES YES YES
NEC Writer Firmware Upgrade YES NO NO NO
PLEXTOR Writer Firmware Upgrade YES YES NO NO
Hard Drive Support YES YES YES YES
Dynamic Partitioning YES YES NO NO
Rename Image Partition YES YES NO NO
Customizable Boot Screen YES YES NO NO
CD Track Editing YES YES YES YES
DVD Burn Speed Setting YES YES YES YES
CD Burn Speed Setting YES YES YES YES
Audio Burn Speed Setting YES YES NO NO
Burn-in Function YES YES YES NO
USB/Firewire to the Writer YES YES YES YES
Dual Layer DVD Support YES YES YES YES
Disc Counter YES YES YES NO
Boot up Password Protection YES YES NO NO
Setup Password Protection YES NO NO NO
Change Bad Master Disc YES NO NO NO

SuperMediaStore.com chooses only the best CD/DVD Duplicator Controllers with high performance for all duplications. These controllers can support from 1 to 11 targets duplicating at 52x (CD) and 16x (DVD). These controllers feature an easy-to-use control panel which consists of an LCD screen and 4 control buttons. All operating information, such as the function list, instructions, operating status, error message(s), etc. is displayed in real time on the screen. Our duplicator controllers also include many new features such as a new customizable “dynamic” hard drive partitioning system which creates a hard drive partition name according to the size of each disc images so no HDD space is wasted.

SuperMediaStore.com also uses controllers that support the New Startup/Set-up Password Protection system which prevents unauthorized use of your duplicator system, Built-in security feature gives you the ability to set a password to restrict or limit access to your duplicator. These and many other features make the new CD/DVD Duplicator Controllers one of the most advanced controllers in the market today.


What are some of the key features of a controller at a glance?

  • Stand-alone design -- no PC, software or any external equipment needed.
  • User friendly interface and operation, no special training required.
  • Supports all of standard function such as loading, copying, comparing, verifying, emulating, and editing.
  • Supports most of the major branded CD / DVD readers and Writers, such as Plextor, Pioneer, Toshiba, TDK, NEC, Teac, Lite-On, Ricoh, Panasonic, Sony, etc. Although this is a stand-alone device, the controller also supports hard drives.
  • Track selection available for copying music tracks. (Note: DVD-R/DVD+R writing capability and writer speed will dependent on those DVD writers installed by users, Also the writer speed may drop to lower speed when unqualified DVD media used.)


  • Controllers from Supermediastore will product a better disc performance rating (using the PIPO scale for measuring disc quality). Our controllers are specially manufactured for our specified units as are other controller brands. For most of the standard controller companies, their focus is more on the uniformity performance for all users instead of optimizing the performance for the conveniences of different users. The controllers are calibrated to optimize the industry recognized best drivers/burners on the market. In addition to compatibility, we choose a more powerful controller that ensures proper function and more reliability. The added power allows our controller to perform all the same functions as standard controllers but offers more options and capabilities which benefit the end user dramatically.
  • Supermediastore.com offers the BEST PRICE. We are always able to offer a better price than our competitors for products of the same quality.
  • Supermediastore.com offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Supermediastore.com offers One year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • Supermediastore.com offers CUSTOMIZED ORDERS such as;
  • Case color: Beige, Black
  • Hard Drive: None, 80G, 160G, 200G, 250G, 300G, 500G.
  • Connection: None, USB2.0, USB + Firewire Combo
  • Warranty: 1year, 2 years