Tips for Taking Better Photos

Updated 3/31/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff
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There are some basic tips to consider before you hit "Click." They are easy to learn, and every photo you take will benefit from your newfound expertise. Even a beginner can take professional-looking portraits that are suitable for framing.

Focus on having fun

Loosen up and find humor. Often the best pictures occur when something silly happens behind the scenes. Then your subject laughs or gives a funny expression, which results in a masterpiece you can cherish for years to come.

Get closer

Try to get within 2–4 feet of your subject. You want to have 90 percent person and 10 percent background in your picture. Get close even when it’s uncomfortable. This is where you get the best photographs.

Try a new angle

Consider using a different angle. Get a little creative. Get down on the ground and look at your subject from a different perspective.Consider composition For an image to be successful and meaningful, it needs to be composed correctly. Do whatever you can to guide the gaze of the viewer toward your subject. And don't be afraid to experiment! If your subject isn't in the best position, have them move around until you achieve the best composition.

Take more pictures

Most of us are frugal when it comes to taking pictures. But with a digital camera, you can simply delete the pictures you don't like, so snap away! Fill the entire picture card with one subject. You are sure to find a few pictures that will thrill you. Using these insightful tips will help you create quality portraits of your family and friends.

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