Tips for Burning the DVD Master for Duplication


Updated 5/18/2011 by SuperMediaStore Staff

If you need to duplicate DVDs and CDs for your business, the first critical step is making a good master. Any flaws or errors in the master will be duplicated time and time again, since duplicators make exact digital copies.
Here are some important tips for burning a quality DVD Master:

  • Use good quality media
    The biggest variable in digital burning and reproduction is the quality of the blank media. Discount media is not always of similar quality to brand names. The DVD Master is the lynch pin of every DVD that will be duplicated from it. It is not a time to skimp.
  • Burn directly from a local hard dive
    Burning from a network drive or through a network only presents more chances for bottlenecks and errors. Burn the DVD Master directly from the hard drive. If you want to avoid having uncontrolled copies (for example), most applications for burning have a “Copy to Hard Drive First” option. Use it. It will delete the copy when burning is complete.
  • Plug the notebook PC into the outlet
    Performance of the burning process on a notebook may diminish as the battery gets low. Plus, the last thing you want is a dead computer half way through burning the DVD Master. Now you have to start over again.
  • Finalize the disc
    Don't forget that for the DVD to be formatted so it can be used by virtually any drive, it has to go through the “finalization” process. Duplicating a DVD that is not finalized means you are duplicating discs that can only be used with your drive.
  • Use Recent UDF versions for burning
    Some incompatibilities exist between revisions of the Universal Disc Format (UDF) and driver features like disc defect management. It is also related to some drives being on DVD-R or only DVD+R compatible. Make sure your UDF version is at least 2.X. If it is still at a 1.X version, consider updating your hardware or software as needed.
  • Keep the notebook steady and level
    Avoid any jostling or movement if you are using a notebook to burn the DVD Master. Set it on level, steady surface and don't move it while burning. Movement can cause a write error.
  • Use buffer under run protection
    Most applications have a feature that slows down automatically if the stream of data isn't fast enough to keep up with the disc burning speed. This prevents write errors. While different burners may call it different things (like BURNproof, Powerburn, Safe Burn), it should definitely be turned on when making a DVD Master.
  • Close all unused applications and windows
    Burning a DVD is a strain on the computer's resources like the processor, memory, and hard drive.  Close all the applications and windows you are not using while burning.  If possible, shut down everything but the burn process and leave the computer to burn the DVD in peace.  This will ensure the best result when burning the DVD Master.

Follow these tips and you will have a quality DVD Master that will produce hundreds, or even thousands, of quality duplicates.